Saturday, March 23, 2013

Final Project

For the final project you have the option of a programming-oriented or a research-oriented final project. Whichever project you decide to do you must first meet with me to get it approved.

Programming Project

Choose a paper from the AAMAS proceedings (see also my AAMAS 2012 local copy, because their website is down a lot) and implement the algorithm they describe. In many cases you will need to make some simplifying assumptions. The papers discuss in class are especially good choices.

Or, you can also choose to implement any of the algorithms referenced in the our textbook that are not already implemented, or provide better visualizations of existing algorithms (for didactic purpose).

Another, very popular, option is to build a NetLogo simulation of a multiagent problem in a separate domain, one which you are already familiar with, say, because you are doing a PhD thesis on that problem.

Research Project

Your deliverable will be a paper that summarizes exisiting research on a specific topic, with appropriate citations, and
either presents a new algorithm/protocol/etc. along the same lines or organizes these results in a novel way (think "survey paper").

The final paper should be at least 10 pages long. I will be looking to see that you understand the topic at hand and how the various contributions relate to each other. You will be looking at papers beyond the above conferences.

The final projects are due Wednesday May 1.